Facial rejuvenation is a timeless and natural beauty technique. Everywhere you look these days, there is a new trend in skin care. Many of these are effective, some are safe, but most of them have risks involved. The other downside is that they only work on the area of the skin that they treat and they are not specific to the individual receiving the treatment. To me, natural beauty means looking and feeling luminous, from the inside out. 

Facial rejuvenation is a non-invasive, non-surgical method of reducing signs of the aging process. It is designed to help the whole body look and feel younger. It is a modality that many people are turning to as a viable and highly acclaimed alternative to invasive injections, dermal fillers, chemical treatments and face lifts. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lifts sagging facial muscles and rejuvenates dull, lifeless and aging skin.

Facial rejuvenation combines ancient and modern techniques. The primary focus of the treatment is the face, but the whole body will benefit. Beauty lies in a healthy body, mind and spirit. At Acupuncture & Homeopathy Clinic I provide individualized and comprehensive treatments. I utilize different modalities, including acupuncture, acupoint injection, facial cupping, gua sha, homeopathic remedies, western and Chinese herbs, vitamins and supplements, nutritional advice and lifestyle changes.

Facial Rejuvenation

Recommended course of treatment:

Most people notice an improvement after only one treatment, but the results are cumulative. The recommended course of treatment (for the longest lasting and most dramatic results) are ten to twelve treatments, once or preferably twice per week. The results are lasting, but maintenance treatments are recommended as determined by each individual case. After the ten to twelve treatments, there will be special instructions as to how to continue some of the treatments at home. I provide you with the necessary tools and instructions, once again tailor made. The results can last for three to five years, depending on your age, how you care for your skin, overall health and daily toxin and stress exposure. 

What to expect from your appointment:

I offer individualized and comprehensive treatments. Please schedule an initial appointment for an overall health history. The condition of your skin and face is an outward reflection of your health and well being. Treatment will bring balance internally and externally, and the body will respond by showing both signs of improved health and outward appearance. This initial appointment is an hour and a half, during which your specific treatment options will be discussed. 

At your follow up appointments, which typically lasts one hour, treatment includes both body and facial acupuncture. Other modalities include facial gua sha and cupping. Treatments are customized and might vary. 

Benefits of facial rejuvenation:

  • Promotes collagen and elastin production and improves skin texture
  • Firmer, smoother and softer skin 
  • Increases blood and lymphatic circulation to the face
  • Youthful, healthy glow to the skin and brightening of the eyes
  • Reduces fine lines and softens deep wrinkles
  • Lifts sagging facial muscles and reduces puffiness
  • Reduces dark circles under eyes
  • Hydrates dry skin and balances oily skin
  • Reduces dark or age spots, and improves skin tone
  • Facial muscle relaxation
  • Reduces acne, rosacea, scarring and other skin conditions
  • Improvement in total body wellness and relaxation

Contraindications for facial rejuvenation:

  • Frequent and recurrent migraines
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Chronic illness or major health issues
  • Seizure disorders
  • People on blood thinning medications
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent injections like botox or dermal fillers
  • Damaged, sunburnt, inflamed or irritated skin