Optimize Your Health & Wellness With The Chinese Body Clock (Part 2)

The Chinese body clock is built on the concept of qi (energy or vital force).

During 24 hours qi is thought to move in two-hour intervals throughout the body.
Every two hours represent an organ.

Let’s explore this a bit further, and see where you can make some changes to optimize your health and wellness today!

5am-7am Large Intestine Time:
This is the ideal time to wake up and start your morning routine.
You might have trouble getting up if your Kidney energy is deficient.
A good practice is to start your day with a cup of warm water with lemon. Drink coffee after breakfast (your adrenals will thank you).
Not surprisingly, it is also the best time to have a bowel movement.
Exercising in the morning is much more beneficial for your body than in the afternoon during “Kidney” time, as this can have a detrimental effect on your adrenals.

7am-9am Stomach Time:
This is the ideal time to have a hearty and nutritious breakfast.
It is a good sign if you are hungry in the morning.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Skipping breakfast will impact your energy levels, digestion and immunity.
Make the time to sit down and enjoy your food.
Eat something warming to support digestion and give you energy for the day ahead.
Avoid cold smoothies and shakes at breakfast.
Consuming cold foods regularly might make you feel tired, depleted and bloated.

9am-11am Spleen Time:
During this time the spleen transfers our food into nutrients to supply energy to carry you through the day.
Use the energy of this time to your advantage to dedicate to work that requires increased levels of concentration. An ideal time for students to study.
If you find yourself exhausted, having loose bowel movements and frequently get abdominal bloating, your spleen might need support.
Many people sip away at their coffee at this time to boost their energy, but this might mean that their natural energy source is weak.

11am-1pm Heart Time:
The heart is known as the “Emperor of all organs” in traditional Chinese medicine.
Your heart is working hardest at this time to keep the blood and nutrients circulating, so take it easy at this time.
It is also a good time for creative activities and things that bring you joy.
This is a good time to eat lunch.
It is also an ideal time to take a nap after lunch.

1pm-3pm Small Intestine Time:
The small intestine completes the digestion and assimilation of the food you have eaten earlier that day.
Make sure you have taken in enough fluids during the day up to now. Room temperature or warm liquids are prefered (no ice cold drinks).

3pm-5pm Bladder Time:
Making sure that you are well hydrated up to and during this time is important.
Water, herbal teas, miso soup or broth (something salty) are all recomended.
Avoid coffee at this time.
This is the time that most people have a midday slump. Over time, as you work with the Chinese body clock, you will see that your energy will stay stable.
Schedule tasks that require less brain power at this time. Do things like grocery shopping, paperwork or mundane tasks.

We will explore more times in the next article.

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