Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a very common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age. PCOS is a disorder in which the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of androgen. This is a male sex hormone that is usually present in women in small amounts. This causes enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edge.

This is another female hormonal disorder that I can and have treated successfully. The treatments I offer are worth it, as the results are lasting and without all the side-effects of western medical treatment.

Typical symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Missed periods, irregular periods, or very light periods.
  • Ovaries that are large or have many cysts.
  • Excess body hair, including the chest, stomach, and back (hirsutism).
  • Weight gain, especially around the belly (abdomen).
  • Acne or oily skin.
  • Male-pattern baldness or thinning hair.
  • Infertility.

I use a multi disciplinary approach with the PCOS ladies. This includes blood work, homeopathic remedies, chinese herbs, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, nutritional and lifestyle advice. Nutritional and lifestyle changes are usually in my opinion the hardest. These ladies usually have to be very strict with their diet and incorporate a regular exercise routine. The most important is commitment from the patient to get better and stay healthy. It is worth it, as the other option is being on western medicine for symptomatic relief, which is not fixing the underlying cause in the long run.

Below is a success story from another dear patient.

She came to see me with PCOS, trying to conceive for five years. She was pregnant in two months.

Testimony: Baby Elrika

In 2009 we decided it’s time to try and conceive a baby. Excited and full of expectations we entered into this life changing decision. After a few months we became slightly discouraged because there was no positive pregnancy test as yet. After a year we decided we needed help from a professional.

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). I researched and studied it, just to discover that there is no actual medical cure. Simply following a low carbohydrate diet and exercise was the only given answer.

At the end of 2010 we decided to undergo our first Artificial Insemination treatment with a fertility specialist, unfortunately it was unsuccessful. A darkness took hold of me, a deep sadness I could not explain! I became overweight again and fell into this trap of depression. Every pregnant woman I saw, I physically wanted to strangle, death was ruling over me.

This journey of becoming pregnant was putting loads of pressure on our marriage, but still nothing stopped us from our goal in becoming parents. In 2011 I went for an operation called “ovarian drilling” . Basically this procedure forced the ovaries to function better in order for my eggs to mature. It is sad to say that this procedure was also unsuccessful.

In 2012 I went on a carbohydrates and sugar free diet, lost a lot of weight, gaining my confidence and turning this diet into a lifestyle, 6 months later I was pregnant, 9 weeks later something went wrong and I had a miscarriage. In 2013 and 2014 we were referred to a new fertility specialist and tried for a third and fourth Artificial Insemination. It seems like my body just didn’t want to respond to the treatment and it failed again!

It was time to try a different path of treatment! One day I did some research and came across an article that said: “How acupuncture can help you conceive naturally”.

I started my treatment with Dr Petra on the 9th of September 2014 and followed her advice and instructions precisely for 2 months. On the 4th of November 2014 my pregnancy test was positive. I thanked Christ for pointing me to Dr Petra. The timing was perfect, the treatment was perfect. It was an absolute miracle!

Baby Elrika was born on 26 June 2015 and each time we look at her, we only see Christ. Only in and through Him, everything and anything is possible!