Unexplained Infertility

If you have tried to fall pregnant for a year or more and your doctor has found no obvious problem, such as blocked fallopian tubes, you have what doctors call “unexplained infertility”. While this is a frustrating diagnosis, it’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that nothing specific has been found that should keep you from falling pregnant. The bad news is that the doctors don’t know exactly why it is that you have not been able to get pregnant.

If you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, I have very good news for you today. I have treated many women with this diagnosis successfully, meaning they were able to fall pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

During the initial visit, a very detailed medical history is taken. A traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis is made to decide on the acupuncture points and Chinese herbs, if applicable. Most patients will receive constitutional homeopathic powders, which is very important to bring about balance to the body as a whole. The rest of the medication given also depends on the individual and the symptoms. It could be in the form of homeopathic drops, pellets, or powders.

Blood work is mostly requested. There are some tests that do not fall within the western medical paradigm of blood work that I will send the patients for. I look at the blood work results and what to test for from a functional medicine doctor’s view. These results will help me to identify any imbalances that need to be addressed. Homeopathic remedies, minerals, vitamins or herbs are mostly used to correct the imbalances.

Testimony on Dr Petra Homeopathic Medical Care

Dr Petra Jooste treated me for an unexplained infertility problem. This was the diagnosis that was given by the Gynecologists that I used before seeing Dr Petra. Before receiving the Homeopathic medical care from Dr Petra I lost five pregnancies due to missed miscarriage (no heartbeat from the foetus after two months of pregnancy).

When I first consulted with her, I had tried different western medical treatment from Gynaecologists and Specialist Gynaecologists, specializing in Foetal Development.
But, none of the treatment given by the Gynaecologists led to any of my pregnancies going beyond a period of three months.

I did several tests which included chromosome tests, thyroid test and laparoscopy and nothing was found to be the likely cause of the missed miscarriages. It was certainly a difficult and emotional time of my life when I met Dr Petra. The pressure of having a child was mounting as I was 43 years old at that time.

Dr Petra gave me Homeopathic treatment which included fertility booster and hormonal balancing medication. In addition, Dr Jooste suggested a diet for me which I followed religiously. I did Acupuncture with her and she also gave me Homeopathic drops to calm me. These immensely helped in reducing my stress and anxiety level.

Unlike most medical professionals that I have dealt with, Dr Jooste strictly stuck to the times she fixed for my appointments. This was of great advantage to me as I work in a highly pressured environment where one is always chasing deadlines and cannot afford to wait at medical rooms for long periods. Her punctuality with appointments in no way compromised the quality of her work. I received thorough examinations and effective medical care.

Dr Petra was truly a blessing to me. In her medical rooms I was always treated with high professionalism. Her assistant, Arlene, is a very courteous person. She is agile and exudes empathy.

My story and journey had a good ending as I was blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby boy.
As testimony of my unwavering confidence and trust in Dr Petra, to this day I continue to see her for Homeopathic treatment for all manner of illnesses.

Nosisi – Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa